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A brief whitepaper of all possible long-term potential development of Chilling Tofu NFT. By using NFTs to startup, we achieved the function of fundraising in order to carry out the below developments.

A general direction for your reference. The following development could be adjusted or modified from community or DAO preference.

A) Various commercial uses

Umami-verse represents the name of our overall series development, all the stuff we build will base on food and separate into different parts:

A1. Umami-verse food series IP

We will build a series of food-based IPs, based on the original character of chilling tofu, to extend a more artistic or commercial development of tofu image; which can be boxing tofu, sword-fighting tofu or masseuse tofu for now on. It can also be other healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables; candy, jelly recipes or other foods that children like.

The purpose is to build a series of food-related NFT brands and communities, integrated into a universe, and potentially used in:

  • Make games: we have come up with a series of interesting and innovative game ideas, which will focus on mobile games for the time being and will be announced to the community in the near future.
  • Make animation or film
  • Make tofu pillows, toys, daily necessities, models, clothing, accessories, peripheral goods, or a series of commercial uses related to IP

A2. Fashion development

Conduct possible business negotiations with various brands or designers in the fashion industry to launch joint clothing, accessories or any fashion-related goods or services; thereby increasing our brand value and long-term development, all plans are to be determined.

A3. Collaboration with entity industry

We will conduct possible business negotiations with various entity companies, mainly targeting factories, restaurants, retail or service related to the catering industry.

What we can contact temporarily is an international tofu ice cream brand, we will try to arrange a negotiation when we have enough bargaining power

A4. Collaboration with Web 3.0 company, blockchain or NFT project, celebrity

Since we have a certain experience in NFT design, metaverse items, 3D modeling, technology, etc. We can find more partners to collaborate with us, thereby increasing the brand and marketing value. Mainly for larger projects, celebrities, and blockchain companies. For example sandbox, decentraland, ready player me, or other large NFT projects or blockchain celebrities.

A5. Umami-verse space

Build up an exclusive space in the metaverse or VR platform for holders or maybe non-holders to explore and have fun.

This idea requires a huge amount of resources and detailed planning, the tentative conception is as follows:

3D Umami-verse consists of various interesting cities, buildings, indoor spaces, and natural beauty; Chilling Tofu NFT is your pass, and each pass has extra places to invite your friends without a pass to play with.

It’s where you can explore, work and interact with others, engage in a variety of rewarding and fun activities. It will be open to more non-holders to enter in the near future. And all business profits earned in the Umami-verse will be distributed to holders proportionally:

  • Unearth treasures with unexpected prizes or token rewards
  • Tofu pusher (similar to coin pusher) — with a leaderboard, spend $SOY to play, there will be tofus of different weights, ETH and other rewards on the pool, push it down and you will get those corresponding reward, if you push down tofus, it will drop $SOY
  • Market & Shop system — spend $SOY for various virtual goods, as well as physical goods from ChillingTofu and Anifa
  • Built-in voice functions — convenient for you to meet and communicate remotely
  • Banking system — deposit $SOY for interests (If you want to buy and sell, need to go to DEX)

B) Blockchain and technology development

When we have a certain development and core community, we will do our best to fundraise and expand the team. Since we already have native NFTs and a simple tokenomics system; with tofu and food as design benchmarks, it is possible to develop our own:

  • Layer 2 solution with $Soy token as the native token
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Oracle technology
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Encrypted Transmission Tool
  • Build more food-related virtual products for the community; more fun avatars, interesting or cute metaverse items, or other virtual items
  • AR or VR tech for the community, for various social platform photo, production, or other entertainment purposes
  • Social media platform — We have already thought of a social platform with a convenient, easy-to-use, and high-viscosity entertaining function, which there has not been a similar platform in the market yet.

C) Strengthen business cooperation with our international brand partner — ANIFA

We have successfully made the first 3D HIGH-POLYGON clothing NFT with ANIFA and given it to our tofu holders.

ANIFA will participate more in the blockchain and Web 3.0 industry shortly, and will soon introduce its own token — ANIFA token, by combining a series of art, fashion, and business utilities into it with their professional experience and business connections over the years, we will continue to deepen our long-term cooperation with them and add more interesting and practical development to contribute to our tofu community.

D) Build up our own angel investment foundation

We know that everything is difficult to startup, especially in the NFT market where there is still a huge gap between the blue chips and beginners. Therefore, we will establish an angel investment foundation, which will temporarily focus on supporting the business, design, and art projects of chilling tofu holders, providing them with technical, marketing, artistic, angel investment and assistance to solve their initial problems at the very beginning.

In the future, it will be possible to extend our foundation to non-chilling tofu holders.

E) Intellectual Property — cc0 license

Regarding NFT projects such as BAYC, moonbird, and even the recent opening of the copyright of Winnie-the-Pooh, all of this deepens our future development and changes in copyright.

Between “all right reserved” and “public domain”, we will try our best to find a balance point that is most suitable and beneficial to our tofu holders; open access to our intellectual property rights for more secondary creations; from the most basic chilling tofu personal commercial use, secondary creation; to being able to use our trademark or logo publicly, we will continue to work hard to deepen the possibility of coordinated development of all cc0 licenses and intellectual property rights.



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