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Chilling Tofu
4 min readOct 3, 2022

Why Chilling Tofu?

We hope to have a long-term development in the NFT market, give full play to our talents and foresight, and introduce blockchain to the world. We believe that by presenting a combination of different types of food with character design in an artistic way, we are able to bring you a fresh, surprising and cheerful experience.

We also hope to bring you a new impact in collecting and investing in NFTs, overturning the same creative direction in the past; bring you joy and happiness with our tokenomics, gacha, benefits, utilities and more interesting activities in the future.

Hope you guys can be part of our community, develop it, improve it and have fun together.

Why do I need to mint on your website?

Since there are many fakes and scams outside, mint on our website can ensure the authenticity of the brand you are eager to buy, and we will do our best to improve the security of the internet and transaction to make you have the best collectible experience.

Also, if you don’t want to buy our tofu at a higher price in the secondary market, you need to mint on our website. It is uniquely the act of claiming ownership on NFT for the very first time with a lower budget. Once minted, you’ll get a mystery box, you can view it in your wallet or resell at Opensea. You never know what type of rarity of tofu you will get before “opened”, maybe a very cute special limited edition if you are lucky. XD

What is your wearable or high-polygon 3D clothing NFT?

We total have two types of clothing NFT, both of them can consume by $SOY token, which mean is a free to have by just holding Chilling Tofu NFTs.

  1. The wearable one representing Chilling Tofu, can be use in decentraland or other metaverse platforms
  2. The high-polygon 3D NFT is Chilling Tofu X Anifa collaboration, we will explore the possbility for compatible to use in any platform, we will also explore business and physical utilities with Anifa extended by this NFT.

What is Anifa token?

It is a token that will launch by “Anifa Active” in the future, combining their innovation, celebrity collaboration, business profit, brand value, and digital or physical utilities extended by this token, it represents the further step of development of the blockchain of Anifa in the aspects of marketing and company exploration.

Chilling Tofu holders have priority to join the private sales. For whitelist and details information will be announced soon throught Discord and social media. We will do our best to enhance our brand value and the best development between any potential company.

What is a smart contract regarding minting?

Smart contracts can be defined as programs that are stored on the blockchain and run when specific, predetermined conditions are met. They are automatically executed and typically used to automate the execution of an agreement where all participants can be certain of the outcome. This is all done without any involvement from a third party, which in turn allows for it to be completed without any delays generally.

Minting an NFT involves sending the correct amount of crypto currency to the smart contract (which you can think of as the registry for the specific NFT collection); the smart contract in turn will “mint” a new item in the collection and set the buyer’s wallet address as the owner of that item.

How can I ensure the security of my wallet?

You should avoid putting too many digital assets in the same wallet; also avoid linking your primary account to untrusted sites. If you still have too much doubt, you can open an empty wallet, put in a small amount of cryptocurrency, then shop wherever you want, which can effectively solve the problem of internet security.

How many will you reserve?

We will reserve up to 277 mystery boxes for giveaways, contests, marketing, team, and Gacha. Therefore, only 7,500 are sold to the public.

How do I know my tofu is a special edition?

We will have a total of seven special editions. From the background, accessory, idea, etc. Every trait is unique, carefully designed and drawn. You definitely can tell the difference when you see it.

Can I sell my NFT?

Whether mystery boxes or NFTs, both can be traded freely by their current owner and there are no costs involved except Ethereum gas fees

OpenSea or Rarible is one of the largest NFT marketplace and the platform of choice for most collectors who wish to buy or sell. Trading on platforms involves additional fees for the seller.

But if you want to earn $SOY token for Gacha; win all prizes; get a whitelist or discount on our other collabs project or earn all the benefits home, you need to reconsider sell it or not.



Chilling Tofu

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